Industrial Cotton Wet Mop
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Industrial Cotton Wet Mop

HOME BORN HB is a large-scale industrial cotton wet mop manufacturer and supplier in China.For our factory, we can give you more choices and more possibilities.We use our 20 years of experience to make satisfying products.We look forward to becoming your trusted long-term partner.

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Product Description

Product Introduction:

This industrial cotton wet mop uses a polyester head strap for a more durable material. Industrial cotton wet mops use brightly colored ribbons paired with cotton yarn to improve appearance and stain removal.

Product parameter:

Project name:

industrial cotton wet mop


Yellow or Can be customized


50% cotton and 50% polyester+yellow polyester strap

Mop Head Weight:


Product details:

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1. Suitable for all kinds of places, industry, commercial, etc

2. Cotton yarn material has strong detergency, strong water absorption, durable and strong

3. Easy to replace and store

4. Color increases beauty


Cangnan Xingtai Cleaning Supplies Limited (originally Cangnan Taisheng Cotton Factorywas founded in 1995. Our company is located in Cangnan County of Zhejiang which isnamed "Chinesetextile industrduring our early davs and our main products were polvester and pure cotton varns an(rayon and acrylic fibers such as cotvarns which are widely used in fabric processinand cleaning supplies nour conanv is now beginning to take shape. n 2007. Cananan Taisheng renamed CananaXinatai Cleanina Supplies Limited and introduced advanced eauipment to start producintand prolean mops. Our production ability has met the domestic leading level. Our super absoration ability, are resistant to abrasion and simple tobent mops have strong decontaminhome ancoroadWetekenon devescience and technology to develop unique structureomentas our prnciplood performancity products. We provide better, faster, and more perect serices.We prlly invite clients at home and abroad to visit our company to dbusiness with us and work hand in hand to create a greater glory!


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