Precautions for using a mop


1. In order to prolong the use time of the mop, it is best to sweep away the hair and dust before mopping the floor.

2. The direction of mopping the floor should follow the texture of the floor as much as possible, so that the dirt can be easily removed and the cleaning effect can be achieved.

3. It is better to wash the mop with flowing water, which will be cleaner. If you have the habit of using floor cleaner, the dirty mop can be washed off under the tap first, and then put into a bucket with detergent.Soak, then wring out and mop the floor.

4. Pay attention to the use of various types of mops, and use the correct method to improve the efficiency of mop use. For example, some collodion mops must be soaked in water before use.

5. Use a mop to wipe the wooden floor, try not to use a mop with high water content, such as a cotton mop. Due to the capillary pores on the surface of the wooden floor, it is easy to absorb water and gas, which causes the floor to be deformed and fragile and shorten the life.