What are the maintenance tips for mops?


1. After use, be sure to scrub it clean and wrung it dry and place it in a ventilated place to avoid odor and odor.

2. When the mop has an odor, you can use diluted bleach to clean the mop.

3. When there is hair on the mop, you can use a brush to help remove it or wait for it to dry before sticking it with tape.

4. Mops made of finer fabrics are less suitable for use on floor stains with heavy greasy dirt, which are not economical and are easy to wear out of the mop's lifespan.

5. In order to keep the house clean and hygienic, it is recommended to replace the mop head every two to three months.

6. Use with detergent, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will be easy to remain and affect the service life of the mop.